Hand in hand with our skilled workers

The right person for each project

In any case we are the right partner, regardless of whether you need an individual employee for your project or a well-trained team.

Wherever you need additional staff as back-up for your team, we are here to help to eliminate your staffing shortages. At peak periods, shortages due to leave or health reasons, our employees perfectly integrate into your team and operate as if they were your long term employees. Supervision and management remains in your hands, which ensures maximum flexibility.

We can also offer personnel solutions for sub-construction works as well as in industrial, technical and administrative sectors.

Contact us, we are happy to inform you in detail.

Our staff – your advantage

  • No effort, no cost for application management
  • Flexible staff employment
  • Pool of experienced professionals
  • No risk during peak periods or personnel shortages
  • Payment for actually provided services only
  • Better planning through mutually agreed allocation rates

Temping in construction industry – who is authorized?

The temping of workers between companies in the construction industry is permitted if the imparting company has been registered with the same social security fund or within its generally binding validity (§11b AÜG “German Law on Labor Leasing”) for at least three subsequent years.

By German Law on Labor Leasing (AÜG) we are officially permitted to lease staff within the construction industry. On a regular basis we provide you with the clearance certificates of SOKA (social security fund), Bau BG (employer’s liability insurance association) and the health insurance companies.

Equal payment – equal treatment

Tölke is a modern enterprise respecting staff equality. Therefore, as part of our quality management we respect and focus on “equal payment – equal treatment”.

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